Sun. Feb 16th, 2020

Automation Mission

Nick Proud – Software Architect

About Me

I’m Nick Proud, a software engineer working within the automation space, delivering software that enhances day-to-day processes.

I’m also a passionate self-learner, having ditched my musical and theatrical academic background to become more creative in technology than I ever could have been on the stage.

For years now, I’ve been working to identify process bottlenecks in businesses that could be widened with simple, high-quality software. This has forfilled my obsession for all things creative and technological.

I’ve worked in various areas of the industry and outside of my automation development work I’m also the proud developer of the Unity Game Engine Asset – ‘Timekeeper: In-Game Time Simulation and Event Scheduler’

Software engineering has been the most forfilling pursuit of my professional career and as time has progressed, I found myself gravitating toward process automation as a programming speciality.

I knew I had found the industry speciality I was looking for, and so I decided to build as a platform to discuss and celebrate this evolving area of software engineering practice.

Automation in software is a broad, complicated and sometime scary subject and so it’s my hope that is a place that helps this behemoth of a sector seem just that little bit more simple, or less intimidating. It’s also a place to talk about how software can help make processes smarter, helping companies save time and money.

This is a site for anyone interested in software and how it fits into the enhancement of processes. Those processes might be as simple as processing orders online, automating enagement with your customers or fellow employees or as obscure as parsing data from your smart fridge.

So thanks for visiting and don’t be afraid to get in touch. Believe it or not, my replies are not automated….yet. 🙂

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